DSC_0177caller_lab_open_mic_ElliEver wanted to learn to call? Here’s your chance!

Dancers: Want a chance to do some challenging material?

We are re-baptizing our Third Tuesdays dances as Callers Choice Dance – an event designed to let experienced callers try out new and challenging dances, tinker with dances they’ve written, and to get feedback from dancers on the dance and their teaching, while also providing a venue for new callers to try calling.

To make the series successful and to help our callers benefit from the experience, we are designating this an experienced dance since some of the material will be more challenging than what you’d encounter at our Friday night dances. You should know all basic contra figures, including heys, pushback heys, contra corners, etc.  As the title suggest, Callers’ Choice Dance is a place for callers and dancers to have some fun with new and interesting things. Since we want to improve, and learn while we play, we’ll take a little time to solicit feedback from dancers about the instruction and the dances. We believe this is the best format to help our callers grow as teachers and to develop repertoire. It’s really quite exciting!

These dances will feature great live music. All we ask for is a $5 contribution.

If you want to call, please arrive by 7:45 PM so we can agree on the order of dances. For more information, contact Rachel Bergin

Check out our Facebook events page for more information!

For more resources for new callers and musicians, check out our Caller Resource page.