No gentleman may ask a lady to dance
without a proper introduction.

A lady must remain with her chaperone
(her mother or a married family friend
or relative) except when she is dancing.

A request to dance was for always a
pair of dances. At the conclusion of
their two dances, the gentleman must
conduct the lady back to her
chaperone unless it is time for supper,
in which case he may attend her to the
supper room.

No lady may cross a ballroom
unattended or leave the room without
her chaperone.

A lady may not refuse a gentleman
who asks her to dance unless she
already has a partner for the dance.

A gentleman may not ask a lady to
dance more than twice in the same
evening even if they are engaged to
be married.

A gentleman may not refuse a request
from his hostess to dance with a
particular lady.



In social dancing it is customary to
change partners after each dance.
This helps to give everyone a chance
to dance.

It’s okay for women to ask men to
dance or for two people of the same
gender to dance together.

Beginners will do better with an
experienced dancer for the first few

It’s a matter of courtesy not to accept a
request to dance after you have
refused someone else.

When you’ve found a partner, always
join in the set at the bottom.

Listen carefully and quietly to the
caller’s instructions, even if you
already know the dance.

Ask questions before the dance begins
if there’s something you don’t

Smile at your partner, corner, or
neighbor and look him/her in the eye
when you do a figure together.
Remember, you are dancing with
everyone in the set, not just your

Never grab, push, or pull other
dancers in the set. Hold out the
appropriate hand, use eye contact, or
just say a quiet word to help others out.

Don’t squeeze hands or arms, but give
the appropriate weight when doing a
turn or similar figure.

Listen to the music and watch the
experienced dancers to help you begin
and end the figures at the appropriate

Good dancing is not about showing off
as an individual, but about being a
considerate, supportive, and
appreciative part of the set.

Everyone makes a mistake now and
then. Don’t panic-just smile and try to
get to the right spot with your partner
for the next figure.

Enjoy yourself, bow to your partner
when the music stops, and thank
him/her for the lovely dance.